Commercial Snow Removal Contracts Are Coming to An End… Now What?

When’s the Best Time to Renew Snow Removal Contracts?

As the Colorado snow begins to come to an end (we think!), your commercial snow removal contract is as well. 

What now?

When is a good time to renew that commercial snow removal contract? 

The answer may be surprising, but the best timing is, NOW

Snow Removal Contracts - When to Renew

Items to Address When Renewing Your Contract

Prior to renewing there are items that should be reviewed and explored to make sure the upcoming year’s commercial snow removal contract is beneficial to all parties involved. 

  1. The Property

    Was commercial snow removal beneficial to the property in question? Were there overlooked areas or surfaces of the physical property that need to be added to or, even removed from the scope of work? Loading docks, as an example are often times overlooked. Over the next couple of months, is the area of surface being expanded or altered in any way that may provide additional footage of coverage that may be needed? Is the property being sold resulting in a change of property management potentially?

  2. The Term

    Often original commercial snow removal contracts are swiftly produced to accommodate an immediate need. Do not forget to review the “time” term on your renewal. If you hastily needed commercial snow removal services in December of the prior year, as your current contractor was unreliable, review to ensure you are being covered for the entirety of the next season’s snow term, which is usually October through May.

  3. Pricing and Scope of Work

    While it is typical for contract renewals for commercial snow removal to have slight pricing increases for services, review these, negotiate these. Negotiate based on a review of a budget. Negotiate based on services that were essential versus those services that you may be able to reduce or even go without. Negotiate based on services you may need in addition to the services you are already taking advantage of.

    Review the terms of those individual services. Does your property require Plowing and/or Hand Shoveling? Does your property require Ice Slicer and/or Ice Melt applications? At what trigger depth do you need these services? You may need to lower trigger depths or likewise, increase trigger depths for services based on numerous variables.

  4. Additional Services

    Would it be beneficial to your property to add additional services that you did not have in the prior year? An additional service often added to commercial snow removal renewal contracts is the Ice Watch service. While this is an added cost, the extended peace of mind and “eyes on the property” may have since become a priority from the year before.

    An all-too-common overlooked additional service is stationary, on-site ice melt buckets. These buckets are strategically placed around your property and come filled with commercial grade ice melt and applicators. Additional cost, yes. Convenient for use? Most definitely!

The Big Question – Were You Satisfied with Snow Removal Services Last Season?

At the end of the day, before signing a commercial snow removal renewal contract, were you happy with your commercial snow removal contractor and its services? Was your property consistently clear and safe for your patrons? Did you feel taken advantage of with outrageous bills? 

If it is time to make a change, or you need services on a newly acquired property, reach out to Snowology today! Snowology aims to take the confusion out of snow removal and provide our clients with fact and experienced based services. Snowology is bringing snow removal into the 21st century. 

Don’t wait for the next storm. Contact Snowology today for all your commercial snow removal needs and get your contract locked up for the 2023-2024 season.