Commercial De-Icing Services in Denver

Professional Sidewalk & Walkway De-Icing

Welcome to Snowology, your reliable partner for commercial snow removal services. We’ve tailored our services to face the challenges that winter weather brings to Denver businesses and commercial properties. We are dedicated to providing effective snow removal solutions that ensure the safety and accessibility of your business, no matter what Mother Nature sends our way.

Commercial De-Icing Services for Your Denver Business

Understanding the De-Icing Process

De-icing is an essential task for any business or commercial property. Keeping parking lots, walkways, and building entrances free of icy hazards is essential for safety and to keep business moving. 

In order to combat icy conditions, our process begins with a thorough assessment of the property long before winter weather rolls in. This allows us to identify any areas of the property that are particularly susceptible to ice buildup, such as accessibility ramps, inclines in parking garages, stairs, and low spots in sidewalks. Identifying potential trouble areas beforehand ensures that they will be handled properly before, during, and after winter weather events.

Common De-Icing Materials and Equipment

The de-icing experts at Snowology employ a variety of de-icing materials and equipment specifically designed for commercial applications. Identifying your property’s needs will allow us to use the right tools for the job. De-icing agents are available in solid or liquid form and include:

  • Rock Salt (Sodium Chloride) is a widely used de-icing material that lowers the freezing point of water, but isn’t as effective at extreme temperatures compared to other options
  • Magnesium Chloride is less corrosive than traditional salt and works well in low temperatures
  • Calcium Chloride acts fast to melt ice, even at extremely low temperatures
  • Potassium Chloride is less harmful to vegetation and concrete surfaces
  • There are even pet-friendly alternatives that don’t use salts or chlorides for businesses frequented by our furry friends!

Our team also utilizes specialized de-icing equipment, including:

  • De-Icing Sprayers that evenly distribute liquid de-icing agents across large surfaces
  • Walk-Behind Spreaders (aka push spreaders) that are ideal for sidewalks and smaller areas
  • Truck-Mounted Spreaders that are designed for heavy duty use in parking lots and roadways
  • Mechanical De-Icers like shovels, ice chippers, and blade attachments for snow plows

Proactive De-Icing Strategies

Although people tend to think of de-icing as a reactionary process, preventing ice from forming in the first place is the best way to keep properties dry and safe. Preparing for ice beforehand is the most efficient way to use de-icing materials, which leads to less material waste and costs. Pre-treating surfaces before a snowstorm or applying protective coatings or coverings to prevent ice from bonding to surfaces are both effective proactive measures and will make it easier to keep ice buildup at bay. Likewise, ensuring that both building and landscape drainage systems are working properly before winter storms will make sure that runoff water drains where it is supposed to, reducing the risk of large ice patches forming overnight.

Keep Your Denver Business or Commercial Property Clear with Snowology’s De-Icing Services

Don’t let winter weather slow down your business. The team of snow removal experts at Snowology has the experience and equipment to provide unrivaled de-icing services, no matter how rough the weather gets. Our commitment to efficiency, 24/7 support, and embracing the newest snow removal technology ensures that your property will remain safe and accessible all winter long.

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