Snowology Delivers for a Local Military Family

Helping Denver Families

Situation – Sharon’s husband, a full-time police officer and National Guard reservist, was called to military service on short notice.

With only days to scramble, Sharon was already familiar with family readiness resources who provided some help with her husband serving. Among these were SnowCare for Troops, a Project Evergreen campaign, which Snowology proudly volunteers to. We were assigned to help Sharon and her family for snow removal assistance for four months.

“I told him that my husband was deploying in two days, and he asked what I needed. All of a sudden, the biggest weight was lifted off my shoulders.”

Sharon – Military Spouse
a SnowCare for Troops family

Monitoring for Snowfall

Our first contact was with her was with an imminent winter storm threatening the Denver area. Wanting to give back we stayed proactive through the storm.

Luckily Sharon and her family didn’t need our removal team we had prepared. It was important to us to be prepared and provider her some peace at mind that if the snow did fall, she wouldn’t be burdened.

“The perfect match for my business and an easy way to connect and give back. In Sharon’s case, she did not get enough snow to require removal before her husband returned home, but we were ready to help if needed.

Bennett Polley

“I cannot say enough how wonderful it was to have that burden off me. That four months I felt like I did not need anything else, I could handle the kids and the house and everything else knowing those other things would be taken care of.”

Homeowner & Volunteer Family