5 Overlooked Winter Commercial Property Preparations

Commercial property management can be challenging, especially in the Colorado winters. From preparing your property, to arranging the right equipment, contractors and product, it is indeed a trying task.

While Snowology is there for your contracting, equipment, and product needs – there are other factors that sometimes can be forgotten or overlooked during the winter months that can make your life a headache:  

  1. Are Your Parking Lot and/or Outdoor Building Lights Working Properly?

    Making sure the entirety of your premise is clearly and properly lit maximizes visibility and reduces risk. With dark mornings and early afternoon nightfall when tenants are leaving the office, proper lighting is key to ensure they can see where and what they are stepping on!

  2. Have Your Gutters Been Maintained and Cleaned?

    Gutters, by default, are installed along edges of buildings, however, are also installed along sidewalks and entry ways. A leaking or clogged gutter may lead to residual water on those sidewalks and entrances. Residual water in frigid winter months turns to ice, which becomes a hazard and poses serious risk.

  3. Are Your Drains Draining to Proper Areas Away from Parking Spaces and Sidewalks?

    The purpose of drains is to drain water away from a structure, but have you looked recently at just where your drains are re-directing that water? Ensure there is no drainage onto high traffic areas such as sidewalks, parking and handicap spots, entryways or areas such as islands that are not designed to handle drainage. Low spots or areas where melting snow water may collect and refreeze is a classic recipe for slip and falls.

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  4. Are Painted Lines Throughout the Lot and Premise Visible and Distinct?

    How long has it been since you checked the visibility of your painted markings in and around your premise? Are your parking spaces clearly identifiable? Are your no parking zones marked? How about your directional indicators? These painted markings, among others, are really the road map to your property and when we get snow and ice, poorly marked parking lots can be difficult to navigate.

  5. Are Your Emergency Lanes Free and Clear from Obstruction?

    Heaven forbid an emergency issue, however, in the event, are emergency personnel able to quickly access the property, hydrants and entrances in the most effective manner? A quick walk around of the property should alleviate issues and ensure your property and patrons are protected. Snowology understands the importance of emergency access during the winter months. Therefore, we mark fire hydrants on your custom snow management map and crews are trained to never cover fire hydrants or pile snow in fire lanes.

While Snowology can manage the snow, ensuring your site is ready to handle the difficulties by not overlooking these common property maintenance items, is imperative!